A Virginia farmer is claiming that an environmental group is trying to drive her off her property with overzealous zoning enforcement and invasive inspections.

Farmer Faces $2M in Fines for Birthday Party on Her Property

Martha Boneta explained to Steve Doocy on "Fox and Friends" this week that when she bought the 64 acre farm eight years ago, she agreed to an easement, which allows the Piedmont Environmental Council to visit the property to make sure no laws are being broken.

"We never dreamed in a million years that we would encounter so much abuse of power," Boneta said. "It's been eight years of invasive, abusive inspections that go far beyond what's reasonable."

She added that she discovered that the green group entered into a "private, top secret, confidential agreement with realtors, concerning my family farm," suggesting they are actively trying to drive her off the land.

Now, Boneta is pursuing both legislative and judicial relief.

"There needs to be something in place to protect small family farmers and give them opportunity to be viable and not have to live in fear of these types of abuses."

Watch the clip above.

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