Millions in Colorado are focused on the midterm election, which could strongly affect their future.

Bret Baier examined this in “Fox News Reporting: American Dream on the Ballot.”

“The American dream to me is having opportunity and having the promise that if you do the right things, you succeed,” Robert Bray said.

As a child, Bray dreamed of becoming a cowboy – and that’s exactly what he became.

It helped that he was raised on his family’s ranch.

Now, Bray owns and operates 60,000 acres of Bray’s Ranches in Redvale, Colo. He gets plenty of help from his wife and four kids, but he worries if he’ll be able to pass on the life he loves to his children and their children.

When Bray dreamed of becoming a cowboy, he never imagined how much time he’d spend wrangling with government agencies on the phone.

He says he spends all his time dealing with the Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Services. Environmental regulations are his biggest obstacle, he says.

Bray used to raise sheep, but he says he lost his sheep permits due to government policies.

Bray is concerned that Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is more in tune to the concerns of environmentalists than ranchers.

Republican opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner said of Udall, “When it comes to supporting agriculture in this state, he’s simply going to miss the mark.”

For now, the Bray family is dealing with the effects of regulation and worrying about their future.

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