Video shows a wild scene at a youth football game near Seattle, where two parents got into a brawl near the stands. 

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One woman involved told KOMO-TV that it started when she asked another woman to stop yelling at the referees.

After the fight, the game was stopped and the league banned the 9 and 10-year-old Renton Five Stars and Bothell Cougars from the playoffs.

Courney Stephens and his son, Miles, joined Brian Kilmeade this morning to react to the seemingly unfair decision.

"I'm disappointed," said Miles, adding that he doesn't understand why the children are being punished for the actions of adults. 

Mr. Stephens is demanding an apology and for the decision to be reversed by the Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue (Wash.) and the Greater Eastside Junior Football Association so the kids can compete for a championship. 

The Boys and Girls Club said in a statement that they refuse to "put safety and sportsmanship in a second position behind a football record."

Stephens recalled that the women started arguing and the situation quickly escalated into "total chaos" with punches thrown. 

Stephens said he ran down to try to break up the fight and was confronted by the other team's coaches. 

"It just got really nasty," said Stephens. 

Police reportedly will not charge the parents involved in the fight.

Watch the fight above, along with the "Fox and Friends" interview.

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