Two video bloggers got press for posting a video which they claimed shows the NYPD’s Islamophobia.

In the video, two men wearing western clothes argue and push each other, and an officer does nothing. When dressed in Muslim garb, but acting the same way, they got a different reaction.

The video was tweeted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Huffington Post called it a "small glimpse into the ugly world of racial profiling.”

Greg Gutfeld said tonight that “the cop-smearing dopes” eventually came clean and admitted that the video was a hoax.

“Even more, to justify their fakery, they claimed that profiling happens a lot when they film. So even if this one is false, it’s the thought that counts. Well, if that's true, and it happens constantly, why create a fake? Just show the real thing.”

The bloggers say they did this to raise awareness.

“They raised awareness that they're morons,” Gutfeld said.

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue above.