Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham called out a CNN anchor Carol Costello who told her viewers to "enjoy" listening to police audio involving Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Carol Costello tweeted the same sentiment two days ago:

Here's what Costello had said on CNN Wednesday morning:


The audio came out after a fight involving some of the Palin family at an Anchorage residence. Bristol Palin, 24, alleged that a man dragged her across the grass at one point and yelled obscenities at her.

No arrests were made. 

Costello has since apologized, saying, "Over the past few days I have been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family. In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize."

O'Reilly slammed the "left-wing" anchor for trying to embarrass the Palin family, pointing out that Costello is supposed to be an unbiased news anchor, not an analyst. 

Ingraham wondered how Costello could possibly think this audio was so important with everything else going on around the world. 

"There's been fascinating things happening on Ebola, the border, with China, the Ukraine. The list goes on and on. They're fascinating things if we actually care to be journalists," she said, then asked what Costello's reaction would have been if the daughter of a prominent liberal had been the one involved.

"I have a feeling there wouldn't be this cute, kind of funny smirk on an anchor. I don't think they'd be throwing to this audio in the same way. I don't know if they'd be throwing to it at all," said Ingraham, adding that the left loves to demean and ridicule Sarah Palin, and has now extended that to her family members who are not involved in politics.

O'Reilly said he doesn't understand the "nastiness" from Costello or the "continuing Palin hatred" since the former VP candidate does not hold political office anymore.

"If you want to go after Sarah Palin, that's fine. She's a big girl, she can defend herself. But a 24 year old?" he asked. 

Ingraham said she doesn't know Costello, but lamented the media's desire to cover more "tabloid" type stories.

"This is what they're covering when we have major crises facing this country? ... You want to know why people don't trust the media and don't pay attention to much of what they say? It's because of nonsense like that," said Ingraham. 

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