In his new book, "Me, Inc." legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons dispenses some advice for young, single women, advising them not to marry younger guys.

He argues younger guys don't have any money yet and are nowhere near mature. 

"Women who see a young, good looking guy may think that they see a man. But really he's just a 14-year-old horny boy," he writes.

Simmons said he's "outing the guys," describing many as unreliable liars and idiots.

"Isn't it true that guys are just big babies? Yes we are," said Simmons, explaining that he never really matured until his early 60s. 

He called moms the "backbone of families," and cautions women that if they marry a young, immature guy they're risking being left on their own. 

Watch the entertaining segment above and check out Simmons' book, here.