Rick Leventhal reported the latest this hour on the newest Ebola patient in the United States. Dr. Craig Spencer, a doctor who worked with Ebola patients in Guinea, tested positive for the virus Thursday in New York City. 

- CDC rapid response teams are on their way to New York. 

- Officials said New Yorkers should not be worried when riding the subway, where Spencer did travel.

- Spencer is said to be in stable condition, talking on the phone to friends and family.

- The Brooklyn bowling alley where Spencer bowled Wednesday night was closed for cleaning, but has now been cleared to reopen.

- Spencer's fiance, and several of his friends, have been quarantined. 

Meantime, video has surfaced (above) of police officers near Spencer's home tossing their masks and gloves into a public garbage can. 

It's unlikely those officers were actually inside the apartment. 

Watch Leventhal's full report above.