On “Special Report,” Judge Napolitano weighed in tonight on midterm elections and a controversial green card order.

President Barack Obama said that if Michelle Dunn wins the Georgia Senate race, Democrats will maintain control of the Senate. But Napolitano disagrees. He said that even if Nunn takes the seat, Republicans can still control the Senate.

“This president, if he loses the Senate, will do everything he can ‘with a telephone and a pen’ to prove how relevant or lawless he can possibly be,” Napolitano said.

The judge also weighed in on the green card order ahead of what is expected to be a sweeping executive order on immigration.

Napolitano said, “He can’t make illegals legal. But he can do the following: he can open the borders […] he can issue green cards to whoever he wants, he can stop deportations for the rest of his presidency.”

Napolitano predicted, “If the Republicans take the Senate, you’ll see the ‘I’ word – impeachment – be banded about.” He explained that when Obama exercises discretion on enforcing a law in such a way that it’s the opposite of what the law is intended to do, then he is a candidate for impeachment.

He also weighed in on the administration’s release of immigrant criminals with a record of violence.

He said it’s the “first time in my memory […] that the president of the United States has affirmatively in a negative way affected the public safety of the average American.”

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