On "Fox and Friends" this morning, we met the woman who successfully took on Walter White! 

A Florida mother named Susan Schrijver spearheaded an effort against Toys R Us after she saw "Breaking Bad" action figures being sold.

Upsetting her even more was that they even included fake crystal meth. 

Schrijver started a Change.org petition that gained enough support to prompt the store to take the toys off of its shelves. 

She even drew the attention of actor Bryan Cranston, who joked on Twitter: 

Then, he tweeted again after learning that the action figures had gone on a "sabbatical," as Toys R Us termed it.  

Anna Kooiman asked Schrijver about critics who argue that the free market should decide things like this.

But she rejected that argument, saying the "bottom line" is that a toy that comes with fake drugs should not be sold in a children's toy store.

Schrijver called Cranston "very good natured" after seeing his tweets, adding that she appreciates what he said.

What about those who say that parents can simply avoid that aisle in the store or keep their children away from it?

"Putting something that has fake illegal drugs with it next to G.I. Joe or Mario Bros., just morally isn't right," she said.

Watch the full interview above, and let us know where you stand on this one.