Dropping the “F” bomb for feminism?

A new ad by a feminist group shows young girls dressed as princesses, reciting obscenities to sell T-shirts for FCKH8.

Greg Gutfeld wondered: where are the parents?

“You could call this abuse, and who could argue? After all, it's clear these kids have little idea what they’re doing, or why. The irony is that they are talking about abuse while being used as props for profit,” he said.

Gutfeld said you have to be pretty desperate to allow someone to do this to your children.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a mother herself, called it poor parenting.

“The adults that made it should be ashamed of themselves, too," she said.

Eric Bolling said these four beautiful little girls are being corrupted.

Bob Beckel said this isn’t pro-feminist – it’s actually anti-feminist.

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