ISIS fighters reportedly took to Twitter to comment on today’s tragedy in Canada.

A source translated a tweet for Fox News, which reportedly says, “Soldiers of Islamic State who are everywhere around the globe declared war on coalition countries.”

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and author Mark Steyn were on “Hannity” to weigh in.

UPDATES: Gunman Kills Canadian Soldier, Gets Into Parliament Building

Steyn said that when the suspect shot Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, “he is not just killing that corporal, he is putting a bullet symbolically through the heart of the Canadian state.”

“To me, this was Canada’s 9/11, now obviously not in the sense of a broad destruction or carnage, but in the sense that it went right to the heart of Canada’s symbols and government, right to the heart of the Parliament building, the war memorial, it was a real violation,” he said, adding that today’s events were likely a “deep shock to the Canadian psyche.”

Peters also called it “a huge propaganda victory for the jihadis.”

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Steyn added that when you kill soldiers, you tell the public that anyone can be killed, and no one is safe.

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