Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz believes ISIS or al Qaeda is to blame for today's attack near Canada's Parliament in Ottawa.

A soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial was shot by a gunman, with shots fired inside the Parliament building and in the area of a nearby mall.

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Fleitz told Jon Scott that he thinks the area was chosen because of the lighter security than around the United States Congress and British Parliament.

Fleitz said it appears to him to be a sophisticated operation by al Qaeda or ISIS, more than just a homegrown terror attack.

"The is the purpose of the Islamic State. To stage acts of terror outside of the Middle East to terrorize Western audiences," he said, adding that Canada will have to step up its security measures.

Fleitz said the attack appears to be well planned and he suspects it was "coordinated with ISIS."

He noted that this type of plot was foiled in 2006, when a terror cell was arrested for planning to attack the Parliament and behead the prime minister.

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