According to a new study from Pew Research Center, there is little overlap in the media consuming habits of conservatives and liberals.

The report found that conservatives overwhelmingly get their information from Fox News Channel, while liberals get theirs' from many sources, such as The New York Times, NPR and MSNBC.

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On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld remarked that the list of media outlets that liberals turn to is "as diverse as a teachers' lounge in Berkeley."

He pointed out that liberals use a variety of outlets because 28 of the 36 most used news sources are considered liberal.

"So parking themselves at this buffet says nothing about open-mindedness. It just says most of the media meets their assumptions," Gutfeld said.

"They are dozens of different items on the media menu, but they're all tofu. And they love their tofu."

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The survey also found that conservatives express greater distrust of most news sources - except for Fox News - which suggests that if media outlets lean to the left, then people are less likely to trust that they are fair and balanced.

Fox News is so successful because it offers a more honest portrayal of the world, Gutfeld said.

"So, as polarization becomes the new smear against fair and balanced, we know that it's a veiled lament for the good old days when lock step was the only method of traveling."

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