A radicalized Islamic convert has murdered one Canadian soldier and injured a second, authorities say.

Tonda MacCharles, of the Toronto Star, went “On The Record” this evening with the story. She reported that authorities say Martin Rouleau ran down two Canadian soldiers yesterday in a small town south of Montreal after lying in wait for two hours.

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Rouleau reportedly became frustrated after his cleaning business started to do badly, then converted to a radical form of Islam. By June, his online postings caught the attention of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. By July, it looked like he was making plans to go to Turkey; the RCMP foiled that, arrested him and seized his passport, but authorities didn’t have enough evidence to prove that Rouleau was going abroad to commit a terrorist attack.

Authorities say Rouleau went to a strip mall, waited about two hours, then gunned his car toward two soldiers upon spotting them. He then led police on a high-speed chase before his car flipped. Police subsequently shot and killed him.

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Rouleau was one of 90 people under surveillance by the RCMP.