What do New Yorkers know about Ebola?

The people Jesse Watters spoke to didn't know much. Watters went to Port Authority Bus Terminal to get answers on where the disease comes from, how you get it, and more, but you may be surprised by the answers he got.

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So, what is Ebola anyway?

“I think it is a conspiracy.”
“How does a conspiracy work?" Watters asked.

Where does Ebola come from?

“Gotta come from Africa. I believe like the animals that be in the jungle and stuff like that, they be doing a lot of experiments.”

What has Obama done to fight Ebola?

“Got people jobs.”
“Does that… fight Ebola?” Watters asked.

What about the newly-appointed Ebola czar?

“The person that he’s appointed has some knowledge.”
“Actually the czar that Obama appointed has no medical experience whatsoever,” Watters explained.

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