How many people would risk their lives to save a complete stranger?

Well, that's what one brave - and still unidentified - man did when he walked into a flaming duplex to rescue an elderly resident.

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Incredible cell phone video taken at the scene shows nearly a dozen people watching a Fresno, Calif., home burn.

A woman screams that her father is attached to an oxygen tank and still trapped inside.

Then, a man calmly, silently walks in the flaming building, emerging two minutes later carrying the victim to safety.

Moments after, when the camera pans back over the crowd, the heroic man is nowhere to be seen.

William La Jeunesse reported on America's Newsroom today that he spoke to Fresno Fire Dispatch, but they still don't know the identity of the man who saved the day.

Watch the clip from America's Newsroom above and see the raw video of the incredible rescue below.

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