Why do Americans vote for Democrats?

A new Politico poll found that 64 percent of people think things in the United States are out of control right now. Yet, if the House and Senate elections were held today, 41 percent say they’d vote for a Democratic candidate and 36 said they’d vote for a Republican.

“If a whopping 64 percent of Americans think the country is out of control under the Obama administration, why would anyone vote for a Democratic candidate? The answer is emotion,” Bill O’Reilly said.

“The Factor” host said that Democrats have successfully convinced some voters that the Republican Party favors the rich and is anti-women. Meanwhile, the Republican Party hasn’t been able to put forth a leader to refute those allegations. This is why women continue to favor Democrats, O’Reilly explained.

The nation today is weaker than we were six years ago, O’Reilly charged. He said that those who are voting for the nation would be less likely to support Democrats, but for people who are voting for themselves, the option of continued entitlements is attractive.

“Part of the reason the USA is in trouble is that President Obama puts ideology over tough, practical solutions,” O’Reilly said, using Ebola as an example. He said that Americans want a travel ban, but Obama dissents.

“Summing up: we are living in a dangerous, complicated world. We need problem solvers, not ideologues,” he said.

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