President Obama has always had his critics, but it appears that he is growing increasingly unpopular with his base.

In a rare campaign trail appearance, Obama attended a rally for Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown - who is running for governor in the blue state - only to be met with a wave of early departures from crowd members. 

With his approval ratings hovering around record lows, most Democratic candidates have tried to distance themselves from the president.

A recent USA Today poll in six battleground states even found that  as many as 1 in 7 Americans regret voting for Obama two years ago.

"I think people are tired," Jedediah Bila said on Outnumbered today. "I feel like people sit home and feel like they've heard this same thing from him over and over and over again. What they haven't seen is the results."

"I think people had an inflated sense of what he could do," Bila explained. "I mean, he had an inflated sense of what he could do. He felt like he was going to create this sense of diplomacy and everyone was gonna like us, just because he was there. And people believed him. They bought the story."

"They believed in him, and they're disappointed, they're hurt ... he was going to bring hope and change and all this stuff. And where is it?"

Watch the clip above.