The Dallas hospital where a Liberian man died of the Ebola virus apologized Sunday in a full-page newspaper ad. 

Texas Health Resources, which owns Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, cited "mistakes" in its treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan that led to two nurses becoming infected with Ebola.

"In short, despite our best intentions and skilled medical teams, we did not live up to the high standards that are the heart of our hospital's history, mission and commitment," CEO Barclay Berdan wrote.

Jean Ross, co-president of the nurses union Nurses United, reacted to the apology Sunday with Harris Faulkner and Dr. David Samadi on an "Ebola in America" special. 

Nurses at the hospital had spoken out about the lack of proper protocols, alleging that Duncan was out of isolation for hours and they had to treat him without the proper protective gear. 

Ross said it was a "terrible thing" for the CDC to blame the nurses for the virus spreading, arguing that nurses started to speak out anonymously when they learned that the CDC was blaming a breach of protocol for Nina Pham being infected. 

"This hospital was not prepared to protect its frontline workers," she said, explaining that the union has written a letter to President Obama urging him to go to Congress and demand uniform standards. 

Watch the interview above.