Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss the four stages of what he calls President Barack Obama’s “School of Crisis Management.”

The New York Times today reported that Obama is seething about the Ebola response.

You May Not Believe What NYers Told Jesse Watters About Ebola

Then, Jindal tweeted:

O'Reilly: 'Obama Puts Ideology Over Tough, Practical Solutions'

He elaborated tonight to Martha MacCallum.

“His first step: he tells us he’s got this. His second step: he then feigns, he pretends madness. His third step […] he and his surrogates say they simply need more of our money. His fourth step: finds a way to blame Republicans,” Jindal said, explaining that Obama is now heading into step three.

Jindal also remarked that Obama has time and time again shown his incompetence during crises. Watch more above.