With many questioning the Obama administration's strategy for dealing with ISIS, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke to Shannon Bream about what the U.S. should do in the Middle East.

"I think that there do need to be boots on the ground, I just think the boots on the ground need to be the people that live there. [They] need to stand up and fight."

Paul said he is against sending Americans into combat in the place of Iraqis who don't want to fight.

He added that there are 650,000 Turkish soldiers, and they should be fighting ISIS across the border in Syria, where the brutal terror group has besieged the town of Kobani.

"Why is Turkey not doing everything humanly possible, including sending troops into there?" Paul asked.

"If the Turks sent troops in and if the Jordanians had troops and the Saudis had troops and the Qataris had troops, we'd be in a much better situation."

For our own national security, Paul agreed we should do something about ISIS.

That could entail using the full might of U.S. air power, intelligence gathering, drones and so on, anything that would help our allies on the ground.

"But I want to see Iraqis standing up and fighting," Paul reiterated. "I want to see the Turks fighting. I want to see the Kurds fighting."

Bream also asked Paul about the upcoming midterm elections and how disappointed he might be if the Republicans fail to retake the Senate.

"I would be very disappointed and surprised. I think the wind is at our back," Paul said. "The president's popularity is headed toward zero. It's below 30 now, but it's headed in the wrong direction."

"I think there is only good news coming in November. If we take it over, we're going to pass legislation. And we're going to say to Mr. President, 'We're passing good, reasonable legislation. Will you sign it?' And we'll see what happens." 

Watch the clip above.