Holly Ordway was once an atheist college professor who believed that Christians weren't very smart.

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Now, having found her faith, Ordway actually defends Christianity as the Director of the Apologetics Program at Houston Baptist University.

Ordway spoke to Anna Kooiman on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning about her new book, "Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms," and her interesting spiritual journey.

Ordway explained that she had felt that Christianity was historical superstition, but then began a "terrifying and embarrassing" process of asking questions and realizing that many people she had previously dismissed actually had very valuable things to say.

"Oddly, it was poets, rather than apologetic arguments, who got me thinking about that," Ordway said, explaining that she was inspired by great, brilliant writers who were also people of faith.

"That led me to ask some questions and say maybe this isn't so simple."

Watch the clip above.

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