The epic World War II tank film "Fury" has rolled into theaters nationwide, and Michael Tammero dropped by Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to discuss the movie and the intense preparation that the cast put in to maintain authenticity.

Tammero said that "Fury" - which follows a battle-hardened army sergeant, played by Brad Pitt, as he commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines at the end of WWII - is gritty and grisly and all the work that went into the rough shoot really comes across on the screen.

Jon Bernthal, who plays one of the tank crew, explained that the cast was actually thrown into a boot camp under a Navy SEAL, which was essential for feeling like a unit.

Another cast member, Logan Lerman, agreed it was an extremely challenging role.

“There’s a lot of prep work that went into making this film and bringing the authenticity to this movie. And all of us that were involved worked really hard on this,” Lerman said.

Tammero explained to the Fox and Friends Weekend hosts that Pitt and his crew actually lived in the tank for long periods of time, to the point where director David Ayer said he wouldn’t even go near the tank because there were some interesting odors emanating from it.

“They took method acting to a whole new level for this movie,” Tammero said.

Watch Tammero interview the cast of “Fury” on “War Stories with Oliver North,” tonight and Sunday at 8:00p ET to 11:00p ET on Fox Business Network and watch the clip from Fox and Friends Weekend above.

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