As fears surrounding the Ebola outbreak continue to grow, health care workers around the country are saying not enough is being done to prepare hospitals and hospital staff for Ebola patients.

In fact, many nurses are outraged after CDC Director Tom Frieden appeared to place the blame on the Ebola-stricken nurses from Dallas who were on the front lines caring for first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan.

Katy Roemer, who serves on the board of National Nurses United, joined Uma Pemmaraju on America's News Headquarters and said that either President Obama or his new Ebola czar must mandate the highest level of standards in the U.S. – hazmat suits, respiratory protection, etc. – so that nurses can be safe.

“We actually have a petition at, so that people can go on and ask people to do the right thing, so that nurses, patients and our communities can stay safe,” Roemer explained.

She explained that nurses need a tremendous amount of practice, so they can be perfect when there’s no room for error.

“This is a very lethal disease. We need to have the very highest level of protection and training to be able to manage it correctly,” Roemer said.

“The reality is, no one was listening to us when we were saying, ‘Put this in place now. We need the training before a patient walks into the hospital.’”

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