A new wave of U.S.-led airstrikes continues to rain down on ISIS targets near the key Syrian town of Kobani, close to the Turkish border.

ISIS has been pouring resources into the city to battle the Kurdish defenders, but that has left ISIS targets vulnerable to coalition strikes.

Greg Palkot reported live on America's News Headquarters today from just across Turkish border that 25 airstrikes have been launched against ISIS positions in the last day - two of which hit in Kobani, 13 hitting other targets in Syria and 10 targeting other ISIS positions in Iraq.

Palkot reported that the airstrikes are turning the tide of the battle in Kobani and giving the Kurds the upper hand, although 20% of the town is being held by ISIS.

Despite these gains, the terrorists are reportedly planning yet another offensive, as Kurdish officials ask for more heavy weapons.

Palkot noted that some of the recent airstrikes occurred right in the middle of a battle between terrorists and Kurdish fighters, which would suggest that U.S. air controllers and Kurdish fighters are communicating more effectively.

ISIS reportedly fired shells from Syria into Turkey, and a Turkish tank fired back, but that has not been confirmed, according to Palkot.

As for the large number of U.S.-led airstrikes - 70 since Monday - and the range of targets across hundreds of miles, Palkot said, “That just shows you the region-wide nature of this battle,”

Watch the clip above.