There has been a possible sighting of suspected cop killer Eric Frein at the golf course at Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Pocono Mountains, just one day after another credible report of a man matching Frein's description in the area.

Frein – who is the primary suspect in a deadly ambush at a police barracks last month – has been on the run for 37 days, as thousands of law enforcement agents take part in the massive manhunt.

Bryan Llenas reported on America’s News Headquarters today that police helicopters and search teams are looking around Mount Airy Casino Resort and the surrounding areas after a reported sighting of Frein near the second hole on the golf course within the past few hours.

This comes right after a highly credible sighting of Frein five miles away in the city of Swiftwater last night.

Apparently, a woman was walking along the road when she came within 15-20 feet of a man dressed in all black with his face covered in mud near Pocono Mountain East High School, a school Frein attended.

Homeowners have reported finding blood on two porches, Llenas added, but it’s unknown if the blood is Frein’s or not until lab results come back.

“The Pennsylvania governor reiterated today they will not rest until he is found," Llenas said. "There is a $175,000 reward for any information leading to Frein’s capture.”

Watch the clip above.