An attorney who also happens to be a new mother says she was forced to bring her four-week-old baby to court after an Atlanta judge refused to delay her hearing, only to then be embarrassed by the judge in front of the whole courtroom.

Atlanta immigration attorney Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle joined Anna Kooiman on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning and explained that she was hired by individuals to show up for court on Oct. 7.

Knowing she would be on maternity leave, she submitted for a continuance a month in advance, but did not hear back with the denial until Oct. 3.

“I decided that I had no decision but to bring my baby because she was less than six-weeks-old, so I couldn’t put her in a daycare," Ehrisman-Mickle said, adding she's new to the city and doesn't have family, friends or a support network to help with childcare.

"The judge basically embarrassed me in front of the whole courtroom, saying it was inappropriate I had brought her," she explained.

“He said, ‘Your pediatrician must be appalled that you brought your daughter to court here, exposing her to all these germs. Who knows what kind of germs are here today?’”

The judge’s argument was that Ehrisman-Mickle was aware of the court date when she accepted being hired for the case.

In the end, however, the judge ended up giving the new mother a continuance.

Watch the clip above.