On “Cashin’ In” today, Eric Bolling said the primary responsibilities of a president are to keep U.S. citizens safe, assure a healthy environment, provide economic opportunity and keep America strong in the eyes of the world.

Noting that we are weaker, poorer, less safe and under greater threat of deadly disease or terrorist attack than we were before, Bolling asserted that, “By all accounts President’s Obama’s six years in the White House have been a colossal failure.”

Bolling said that Paul Krugmen’s recent comments that Obama is the most influential president in history may actually be correct, if he intended influential to mean “driving a once-great economic, global power into a fiscal, economic, foreign policy and domestic policy ditch.”

“Wake up, America,” Bolling concluded. “We’re not better under liberal, progressive policies. But we can be great again. Free up the free market. Capitalize on capitalism. Liberate constitutional liberty.

“There’s only one way to get America out of the liberal gutter they’ve driven us into: You gotta vote. You gotta vote out the liberal progressives and vote in free market capitalism.”

“You gotta vote, though, folks. By the way, don’t complain unless you vote.”

Watch the clip above.