A controversial comment made by a Virginia Democrat is front and center in a closely watched House race. 

Speaking about his opponent in August, state lawmaker Barbara Comstock, John Foust said, “I don’t think she’s even had a real job.”

He was pressed again on the comment this week.

“Those are real jobs; Barbara Comstock has real jobs. The problem is, those jobs were so hyper-partisan, and that was the point I was making," said Foust in a new TV interview in which the subject came up again.

On "Outnumbered" today, the hosts pointed out that another Democrat in upstate New York recently called out his 29-year-old female Republican opponent for never working in "manual labor."

Kirsten Powers said Foust doesn't seem to realize how his comment sounds to women, even though he seemed to be referring to Comstock's work as a lobbyist. 

Watch the full discussion above.