Facing the prospect of lawsuits from atheist groups, a Georgia school board voted to modify a new monument that references God and is being used as an inspirational tool by a high school football team. 

The granite monument at the Madison County High School football field contains the Bible verses "If God be for us, who can be against us?" and “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me."

It was paid for privately and players typically touch it on their way out to the field. But after the American Humanist Association threatened legal action, the school board said it has to be changed. 

The group argued that the statue being on public school grounds violates the “religious establishment” clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

A member of the team talked to "Fox and Friends" this morning, saying he wishes the statue could remain, but understands why the school district needs to take this action.

And he brought some pretty good perspective to the controversy, explaining that he's not upset or disappointed over it. 

"A few thousand people would have been able to see that monument at a Madison County football game. But the attention it drew, this is just such a great opportunity for me to come on this show to get to share my faith and the gospel with millions of people, compared to just the thousands that would have seen that monument. And that's how God works in such ways that we just can't imagine," said Sam Bartlett. 

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