Republican Sen. Rand Paul is criticizing the federal government for downplaying the threat of Ebola, arguing that the virus is more contagious than AIDS. 

Speaking at an event for New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown, Paul pointed to the CDC repeatedly emphasizing that you can only catch Ebola via direct contact with an infected person's bodily fluids. 

Paul said that makes it sound to the average American like Ebola is difficult to catch, like the AIDS virus. 

He called on the White House to be honest about the fact that someone who has Ebola can spread it to someone who's standing just a few feet away. 

"You know how they define direct contact? Being within three feet of someone. ... This thing is incredibly contagious. People are getting it fully gowned, masked and must be getting a very tiny inoculum and they're still getting it," he said. 

Watch his remarks above.