Better safe than sorry?

Just a few weeks ago, Dr. Gil Mobley walked through an Atlanta airport in a hazmat suit which read: CDC is lying. Now, a photo of a woman in a homemade hazmat suit at Washington Dulles International Airport is going viral.

Is this an overreaction to the Ebola threat, or is this woman onto something? A “Generation Hexed” panel weighed in today on “Your World.”

“Your World” audio technician Dion Baia said the photo is symbolic of how Americans feel. He remarked that people don’t think they’re getting enough information about Ebola from the CDC, and nothing is being done to quell their fears. reporter Gabrielle Karol remarked that the media is stoking a lot of the fears about Ebola.

According to “Cashin’ In” producer Tony Jarrett, we’ll see more of this unless the government tells the public what to expect.

“I’ll tell you what – it’s gonna be a lot harder to meet a woman at an airport,” he quipped.

Fox News entertainment producer Ashley Dvorkin said being seated next to a person in a hazmat suit will only add to a concerning situation.

Watch the panel weigh in above. Will you wear a hazmat suit the next time you travel? Sound off in the comments below.

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