A wild road rage incident is being reported this morning out of Philadelphia, where a group of women are said to have attacked a school bus with a baseball bat and mace. 

Police said it started when some of the students exchanged words with the women in a nearby SUV. 

When the bus stopped at a corner, the Chevy Tahoe pulled in front and blocked the bus. Then, one of the women got out and bashed in a window, while another sprayed the hood and windshield with mace.

One 15-year-old boy suffered cuts from the shards of glass. Police were still looking for the women as of Thursday night. 

More on the incident, via MyFoxPhilly.com

The 25 year old bus driver hurried the bus to Spruance Elementary school blocks away to get the boy medical help, but got caught in traffic.

"The whole block, cars double parked, and he got real frustrated because he couldn't go around I guess," said witness Eli Mustafa.

Eventually the bus made it to the school, where a school nurse cleaned the boy's wounds, bandaged him up.

He will be fine.

Neighbors have seen road rage here before, but this?

"How could he do that? It's a school bus!" said a neighbor.

A school bus that that may have had a video camera rolling at the time.

"For someone to get out of a vehicle, and use a baseball bat, and break a window of a yellow school bus, knowing it's filled with students, that's pretty bizarre behavior," said Small.

Police were able to get a license plate number from the Tahoe, linked to a home in the Kensington section of the city. They're still tracking down the women in the Tahoe, and are tonight interviewing the injured student.