Too soon? An online store is selling an “Ebola containment suit costume” for $79.99.

The product description says, “This will literally be the most 'viral' costume of the year."

Krauthammer: 'Ebola Czar' Appointment 'A Farce, a Public Relations Maneuver'

“Maybe so,” Greg Gutfeld remarked tonight, “but when it comes to 2014 – with its cascade of catastrophes – there are so many gruesome competitors.”

Gutfeld mentioned Flight 370, Russia’s bullying of Ukraine and the downing of Flight 17, chaos on the southern border, riots in Ferguson, ISIS beheadings, the Secret Service fiasco, and now, Ebola.

Photo of Woman in Homemade Hazmat Suit Goes Viral

“In every single one of these horrors, there is one man in a costume who keeps showing up to the party late, unprepared, and aloof. 2014 was a year of unraveling crisis, so it’s no wonder that this Halloween, President Obama will be going as the invisible man,” Gutfeld said.

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