An Ohio father reacted this morning to the Ebola scare reaching his daughter's elementary school.

Resnik Community Learning Center in Akron is now closed until Oct. 20 after officials learned that the mother of a student came into contact with a nurse infected with the virus. 

Amber Vinson, a nurse who treated a Liberian man who died of Ebola in Dallas, had traveled to the Cleveland area before learning she had the virus. 

Officials stressed that the student never had any contact with Vinson.

The mother and student are now in quarantine and the school was closed as a precaution to undergo cleaning.

Ezra Wimberly, who has two children attending the school, said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that he's happy that officials are exercising an abundance of caution. 

He was asked whether he felt anger toward Vinson, as some other parents have expressed. 

"We're a family of faith. When we got the news, yeah, we were scared, we were surprised. The emotion of fear was there, but we don't let our lives be driven by fear," he said, adding that his fifth-grader and kindergartner have handled the news well.

Watch the interview above.