Unnamed federal officials are reportedly pointing fingers at Ebola victim Amber Vinson, alleging that she lied about how she was feeling before she flew from Cleveland to Dallas.

Megyn Kelly tonight offered a timeline of events. On Oct. 14, CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden was on “The Kelly File,” following nurse Nina Pham’s Ebola diagnosis. He said that none of the other health care workers who were in contact with Thomas Duncan had symptoms. By that point, Amber Vinson had already been hospitalized, but Frieden said he did not know about that until later that night.

Yesterday, “The Kelly File” reported that Vinson called the CDC several times to report that she had a fever of 99.5 and to ask if it was OK to fly. She was told she could board her flight back to Dallas. Now the CDC says she should have never flown.

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Last night, the CDC told “The Kelly File” that they were not victim blaming. Now, unnamed officials are reportedly saying that Vinson lied about how bad she was feeling – yet she reported her fever.

Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chair Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Penn.) was on “The Kelly File” to discuss today’s hearing. He said he is troubled by the CDC and administration’s belief that a travel ban would be a problem. He also said the CDC is not taking responsibility for mistakes in handling Ebola.

“It just seems like no one is minding the shop,” Kelly remarked.

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Then, Dr. Martin Makary, of the John Hopkins School for Public Health, weighed in. He said he was offended by any blaming of the nurses.

“These are patriots,” he said.

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