A 19-year-old man could face the death penalty after prosecutors say he confessed to killing his family so he could pay off a loan shark.

Authorities say Alan Hruby stole his father’s handgun, then shot both of his parents and his 17-year-old sister last Thursday in their home, south of Oklahoma City, Okla. The housekeeper found their bodies four days later.

Shortly after authorities say Hruby murdered his family, he then took a trip to Dallas, Texas, where he reportedly stayed in a five-star hotel and watched Oklahoma beat Texas.

Hruby told authorities that he owed a loan shark $3,000 and killed his family to inherit the estate. Prosecutors also say that his dad was going to cut him off financially because he couldn’t curb his spending.

The teen is also on probation for stealing his grandmother’s credit card and running up a bill for thousands of dollars.

A judge ordered Hruby held without bail and did not hear a plea.

Criminal defense attorney Drew Findley was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” to discuss the case. He said that Oklahoma is one of the three states which most often employ the death penalty. Killing for financial gain is also an aggravating factor to satisfy requirements to pursue the death penalty.

However, he said Hruby’s mental state will likely be examined. If he has a mental disorder, it could save him from the death penalty.

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