Frontier Airlines President Barry Biffle was on “The Kelly File” tonight to address concerns following two flights by Ebola patient Amber Vinson.

The CDC has suggested that Vinson may have been showing signs of illness much earlier than revealed, raising serious questions about how many people she could have come into contact with.

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Vinson flew on Frontier Airlines from Dallas to Cleveland on Oct. 10, then back to Cleveland on Oct. 13. The CDC is now asking passengers from the Oct. 10 flight to contact them.

Since Vinson’s first flight, the following routes have been taken by the planes:

Biffle tonight said it is safe to fly on Frontier Airlines. He said one plane has been taken out of service, and the other has been cleaned nine times. The company has also taken the flight crew offline and put them on paid leave.

When asked about how the CDC is handling the situation, he said, "Obviously [...] we have a lot of questions about the situation, and we’ve learned a lot since the first notification 42 hours ago."

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Although Vinson kept her distance from friends and family during her trip, three of her family members are Kent State University employees, who have been told to stay home. A parent of a child at Akron Elementary School also had contact with Vinson, leading to the school's closure. Plus, the bridal shop she attended is quarantined.

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