It looks like Florida has brought us the most bizarre moment of the 2014 campaign season. 

At a live TV debate last night, Gov. Rick Scott (R) was absent from the stage as viewers tuned in.

The moderator then explained that Scott was objecting to his opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist (D), having a small fan running at the foot of his podium. 

Then no one seemed to know what was going on or what would happen next, since Crist was out there alone. 

Another moderator explained that the Scott campaign was objecting based on a rule banning electrical devices during a debate. 

The Scott campaign is denying that he ever refused to go on stage because of the fan.

Crist is said to use the fan regularly at debates and speeches to keep cool. 

Watch Steve Harrigan's report above from "America's Newsroom" and the full unbelievable sequence of events below, via C-SPAN.