First, America was told Ebola was unlikely to come here, but it came. Then, we were assured that the screeners would catch it at the airport, but they didn’t.

If a case got through, however, we were reminded that the hospitals would know what to do – and they didn’t – and that trained medical staffers would prevent further spread of the virus – which they haven’t.

So now, concern is growing, in part because of the virus, in part because of the response.

Have the feds done enough to prevent new cases from arriving? Has the CDC done enough to prevent the current infections from spreading? Have hospitals done enough to keep their teams from becoming carriers?

And what has all this taught us about America’s readiness for an even more infectious pathogen?

In a special hour, Megyn Kelly takes a look at all of these issues and brings you an exclusive look at the Frontier Airlines plane that carried Amber Vinson after she contracted Ebola. The Frontier Airlines CEO will show where Vinson was seated and what they have done to the aircraft since.

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