The Pentagon finally released a name for the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, dubbing it "Operation Inherent Resolve."

Bill Hemmer discussed (video above) the move with Fox News military analyst Capt. Chuck Nash (Ret.), who noted that giving a military mission a name is necessary for funding. 

"You can't have 'Operation fill in the blank.' You've got to give it a name," he said, noting that the mission against ISIS is said to be costing at least $8 million a day. 

Hemmer asked about a Wall Street Journal piece that suggested the administration was hesitant to name the mission because they don't want to "own it."

Nash argued that the administration will not name the enemy, so if Congress wants to declare war, it's unclear who they'd be declaring war on. 

"We can't even name the enemy. The enemy is militant Islamism, OK? But we refuse to say that," he said.

On the "Special Report" panel, Tucker Carlson said the name is perfect because it's so "nonsensical" 

"You can't have 'inherent resolve.' Resolve is a product of will. It's not something you're born with. It's something you decide to do. It's a perfect title for an operation whose goals are utterly unclear and the means of achieving those goals are even muddier," said Carlson, who called it "ominous" that the Obama administration can't get cooperation from Turkey. 

Watch the full discussion between Carlson, Nina Easton and Ron Fournier below. 

Bret asked on Twitter for some thoughts on the name, and most were unimpressed:

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