Nurses across the country are demanding that they be given formal training to handle Ebola patients and receive the proper protective gear. 

It comes after two Dallas nurses contracted Ebola after treating a Liberian man who later died of the virus. 

Vickie Milazzo, a legal nurse consultant and attorney, joined Gretchen Carlson this afternoon and lamented the fact that the training still isn't happening. 

"I'm still hearing as of this morning that they're not getting any training. It's business as usual. They don't want the CDC guidelines just posted on a bulletin board," she said. 

The Dallas hospital where the nurses worked has now defended their actions, arguing that staff wore CDC-recommended equipment. 

Milazzo said it sounds like a "classic defense attorney statement, 'we didn't do anything wrong and even if we did, it's somebody else's fault.'"

Milazzo said the CDC even admits that its initial Ebola guidelines were "too soft." In some cases, nurses reported having to use medical tape to cover the exposed skin on their neck. 

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