Protesters in Wisconsin weren’t happy with Madison Gas and Electric’s new rates, alleging that it drove people away from renewable energy. So they brought out a blow-up coal plant, meant to be inflated by renewable energy.

While chanting “Coal has got to go,” the blow-up plant collapsed because the batteries ran out of power and the solar panel didn’t create enough energy to keep it inflated. The same protesters that opposed MGE later admitted that they would typically power the prop with gas generators or by plugging it into the wall.

Gutfeld: Obama Should Focus on 'Climate of Terror,' Not Climate Change

“Yes, the company they target actually lets these sad sacks use the energy they're protesting,” Greg Gutfeld remarked.

Gutfeld said that making fun of these protesters “is like shooting fish in an inflatable coal plant,” but he said we should, explaining that demonizing coal can have great consequences. Millions of poor people die each year because of a lack of coal.

'Practice What You Preach': 'The Five' Hosts Blast Hypocritical Climate Activists for Trashing NYC Streets

“So if you're okay with making them live their lives in substandard conditions because you pretend to care, then your head is filled with more air than your stupid, failed balloons. It’s amazing you don’t float away,” he said.

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