The parents of the NBC cameraman who contracted Ebola were on “Hannity” tonight with updates on his condition.

Ashoka Mukpo’s father, Mitchell Levy, said his son is doing very well.

“Today for the first time, he tentatively said, ‘Well dad, I think I’m out of the woods.’ He sort of could barely squeeze it out but he clearly is feeling and acknowledging that he’s going to get better.”

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The cameraman’s mother Diana Mukpo told Sean Hannity that her son “doesn’t really know” how he contracted Ebola. She said he was very careful, so he’s not really sure how it happened, though it may have been because he helped disinfect a car which had transported an Ebola patient.

Levy said that he and his son spoke about the risks before he went to Liberia. He also told Sean Hannity that his son received a blood transfusion from Dr. Kent Brantly, who was on vacation at the time.

“His willingness to stop and give blood and be able to transport that to Ashoka is really remarkable,” Levy said.

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