Joe Broyles, a photographer who captured the moment a jet hit the speed of sound, talked to "Fox and Friends" this morning about how it all came together. 

Broyles said he's been trying to get the above photo for five years, and last month at the Oceana Naval Air Station air show, it finally happened. 

The photo shows a vapor cone forming around a F-18 Super Hornet 2 right as it hits the speed of sound, 766 mph. The "shock egg" only exists for about a tenth of a second. 

"It just happened to be that day was my day. ... There's a little bit of luck and experience involved," he said, explaining he used a Nikon 800, snapping it eight times at a shutter speed of a thousandth of a second.  

It's not like Broyles is any stranger to amazing air show photos. Take a look at some others that he's captured...

The above shot shows the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels getting amazingly close during a performance. 

Though it looks like a near-disaster, Broyles said it was just part of the show. 

"That's how precision these guys are." 

This looks like one cool-looking fighter plane, but look closer ... it's actually two basically right on top of each other. 

Broyles said he took this one three years ago at the Oceana show. 

Watch the full interview with Broyles above.