Bret Baier interviewed Dr. Mary Schmidt, board-certified infectious disease expert, today on The Daily Bret blog about the handling of Ebola patients, how the deadly virus is spreading and how concerned we should be as a country (video below).

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"I believe what we need to be concerned about is the way we're providing care to our health care workers in the hospitals," Dr. Schmidt said.

She explained we have the ability to provide the best treatment for the patients, but she's concerned about the CDC and experts communicating how the disease works to health care workers on the front lines.




A Daily Bret exclusive with Dr. Mary Schmidt--an infectious disease expert and former Chief of Staff at INOVA hospital in Virginia just outside of DC. She will provide some insight on the Ebola cases in the US and answer some of the misconceptions and questions surrounding all of the news- #ebola #ebolaoutbreak #dallas #texas #healthcare #specialreport Look for this interview coming up on prior to Special Report tonight!

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Dr. Schmidt also addressed concerns over air travel and hospital protocol and even revealed that there are more suspected Ebola cases out there than the public knows about.

Watch the full interview below and be sure to check out The Daily Bret blog!


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