A trio of celebs were on the "Fox and Friends" couch this morning. 

Here's a quick summary of the fun sit-downs with Debra Messing, Rick Harrison of "Pawn Stars" fame, and actor Cary Elwes.

Debra Messing, who stars in the new NBC series "The Mysteries of Laura," shared some insight with Ainsley Earhardt on what she believes can make a person funny. 

She said she wasn't funny in high school, but believes that learning music helps because "you hear the musicality of humor, of jokes." 

Rick Harrison, of the hit History reality show "Pawn Stars," weighed in on how hard it has become to successfully start a small business. 

He said the health insurance costs for his employees are getting out of control.

"Just for my little pawn shop, the insurance for my employees went from $19,000 a month, to 30 [thousand]. ... I have 60-year-old women working for me that have to have pregnancy coverage now," said Harrison.

Actor Cary Elwes reflected on the amazing success of the 1987 film "The Princess Bride."

"We were hoping just to make our money back when we made the movie," he said.

Elwes has a new book "As You Wish," that delves into the making of the now 25-year-old cult classic.

Hear his thoughts on working with Billy Crystal and the late Andre the Giant.