Earlier today, President Obama met with his top military officials along with representatives from 21 allied countries to discuss the next steps in the fight against ISIS, which the president called a "long-term effort."

“This is going to be a long-term campaign,” Obama said. “There are not quick fixes involved. We’re still in the early stages. As with any military effort, there will be days of progress, and there are going to be periods of setback, but our coalition is united behind this long-term effort.”

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On Your World this afternoon, Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry noted that the administration was quick to tout early successes against ISIS, but this represents a shift to a more negative tone with words like “setbacks.”

Henry said that increased coalition airstrikes in recent days have slowed ISIS, but failed to stop the spread of the brutal terror group, which now controls nearly all of Iraq’s Anbar province, a key area near Baghdad.

“The Pentagon and other U.S. officials continue to say they don’t think Baghdad will be under siege,” Henry said.

“They don’t think Baghdad is in any jeopardy from ISIS militants, but these terrorists are getting closer and closer to that capitol city."

Watch the clip from Your World above.

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