Greg Palkot reported this morning from just outside Kobani, Syria, where the U.S. air campaign is intensifying against ISIS terrorists.

ISIS fighters are said to control about half of the strategic town, which is just across the border from Turkey. 

Palkot described the U.S. airstrikes as an "intense barrage," the most frequency he has seen over the past week. 

In a bit of positive news, Palkot said a source told him that a U.S. bomb struck a hill in the distance, knocking off the ISIS black flag that had been sitting on top of it. 

Deeper in the town, however, at least one other ISIS flag can be seen, he reported. 

Palkot said strikes have been coming in all over the town, and they seem to be coordinated with Kurdish forces on the ground battling ISIS. 

Palkot said Turkish forces and armor are moving around a lot along the border, but are still not getting involved in the fight.

He reported that ISIS fighters have mostly "gone to ground" and appear to be taking shelter from the airstrikes. 

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