A New Hampshire state lawmaker is being called out for arguing that a female lawmaker will lose on Election Day because she's "ugly as sin." 

State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt (R) wrote the following in a blog post about U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster (D):

"Does anyone not believe that Congressman Annie Kuster is as ugly as sin? And I hope I haven't offended sin. If looks really matter and if this race is at all close, give a decided edge to Marilinda Garcia. [...] Sad to say, but the drag queens are more atrractive [sic] than Annie Kuster ... not that there's anything wrong with that," he wrote. 

Garcia, the Republican running against Kuster, denounced the remarks as sexist, saying they "have absolutely no place in political discourse." 

The "Outnumbered" panel's reaction was best summed up by Andrea Tantaros: "Just shut up!" she told Vaillancourt.

The ensuing discussion focused on how looks play into politics. Mark Eiglarsh noted that back in the 60s, TV viewers of a debate believed JFK had won, but radio listeners thought Nixon was the winner of the same debate. 

Stacey Dash said better looking candidates do benefit, but believes it's actually more difficult for candidates that are seen as being more attractive.

"You have to be smarter, you have to prove that you've got brains and you're not counting on your looks," said Dash. 

Watch the full discussion above.